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Emojis: Happy or Sad

Over the last year I have found myself using my phone more and more to post on social media. I find it much easier to post photos to Facebook and Twitter and the only way for Instagram.  The other reason is that I’ve discovered emojis!  While I still use my desktop to post regular updates in line with our social media strategy, I’ve found emojis are great for the spur of the moment posts I like to share to show that my accounts are run by a human being. I like gifs for the same reason.

I started slowly by adding a smiling face to tweets to show I wasn’t being totally serious and occasionally to the subject line of our email newsletters when I thought the right emoji might add something.

As I have got used to using emojis I’ve got a bit bolder and moved on from just the smiling face. I added the phone emoji to a tweet asking people to call us. One day last month I actually went further and replaced whole words with the following tweet that got great engagement.


I regularly check google analytics alongside the analytical tools provided by each social network to analyse what posts create the most resonance and traffic.

Checking Twitter analytics I can see that Tweets that use emojis, gifs and hashtags are getting good engagement when I use them.

If you think using emojis is something you should try these are my tips for using them effectively;

1 Are emojis and gifs right for your business?

While adding emojis and gifs can add humour and make your tweets more human, it may not be right for your business.  Generally I would say that b2c businesses can and should think about using them but that b2b businesses should proceed with care.  As a business that promotes social media I don’t see a problem with us using emojis. 

2. Start slowly

I started with a smiling face and then gradually started using emojis where I thought it was relevant.

3. Use with caution

Some emojis don’t mean what you may assume they mean. Whatever you do don’t use the aubergine emoji! If you are unsure a quick google search will provide you with a quick education about emojis and their meanings.

Emojis and gifs are just one way we create post s that stand out and get good reach. If you would like to know more tips and tricks to create posts that get good engagement book a two hour social media training session with us to find out more.


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