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The Gift of Socks

Reproduced with kind permission of BAM Bamboo Cothing

I’ve never heard of BAM before. That is Bamboo Clothing. Until they sent me a pair of really nice socks through the post and a 15% voucher to purchase from their website or brochure. Thought that the socks were a nice stripy blue so decided to wear them, but didn’t order anything from them.

Then BAM sent me another pair of socks and another discount code. The socks were different this time but still looked good. So needing some new boxers I browsed around their website and decided to buy a pack of three boxers, and spotted a lovely shirt that I also ordered. So for the cost of a couple of pairs of socks and 15% off coupon BAM have a brand new customer who knew nothing about them or their products. Hopefully I’ll like the new shirt and boxers and become a long term customer of BAM.

So I was wondering what we could do as a marketing company to send potential clients a little gift to tempt them in to contacting from us?

Is there something that you could do in your business with a database of potential customers/clients to stand out from the crowd?

Could you send out something to lapsed customers to get them to buy from you again? Do you know how much it costs you to get a new customer?

Also the message must be don’t give up on the first time of asking!

I also got sent an Organiser Pocket Diary recently, followed up with a phone call to see if we were interested in buying some. We didn’t place an order but always great to follow up a promotion with a phone call.

Remember also to monitor the results to compare revenue gained from your marketing campaign against costs.

We believe that simple things done well can make a big difference to your business. Why not book a free marketing audit with us and discover the easy wins that your business can make to get big results. Simply send us an email or phone us on 01491 524003 to book your audit.


If you would like to find out why I was so impressed with the socks visit the BAM Bamboo Clothing website for more information.


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