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Could You Be Locked Out?


We have a house in Spain and an organisation that we subscribe to out there have lost access to their website. It turns out that the person who registered the domain name has since died and nobody else has any idea where and with whom he registered the address. In our experience this is quite common for organisations run by volunteers. Someone who knows what they are doing sets up a website or social media account and then moves on without passing on important details.

However it isn’t just voluntary organisations that can be affected.

Does your business have a backup plan?

What would happen if you lost the details of your website or social media details?

In smaller businesses it can be very easy for just one person to deal with these details. It may be that you are the only person in your business and you have all that information. What if the person who has the information is suddenly for whatever reason unable to access the information you need?

Do at least two people in your business know the details of your website; who hosts it? Who holds the domain name?

Do at least two people know what social media accounts you have and their login details?

For most social media accounts the login to manage accounts is easy. The user name and password will give anyone access to manage the accounts.

Facebook is different. Due to the way Facebook pages work you need to login via the page admin’s profile. The sensible thing to do is to make another person an admin of the page.

We hope this article has prompted you think about where and how you store this information. If you would like help with implementing these suggestions as always give us a call or drop us an email.


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