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Social Media Scheduling - Hootsuite or Buffer

I recently wrote about why I schedule some of my social media posts. What I didn’t write about is how and what I use to do the scheduling so I’ve decided to put that right. There are lots of tools to schedule social media out there so I've decided to explain why I use the ones I use.

4 Reasons to Schedule Your Social Media

I get my best results from Social Media when I post spontaneously or when I get involved in a conversation. However success also depends on sending out a consistent and clear message to your followers. So in order to make sure I send out regular content saying what I want to say, I schedule some of my content. 

5 Tips for Effective Twitter Lists

While Twitter is still working for us I am convinced that it can work better so over the summer I’ve been trialling new ideas and going back to the basics of when I first set up an account 71/2 years ago. One of these things is Twitter lists and here our my 5 tips for using them effectively.