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We use our blog to share easy to implement marketing advice. We also comment on topical marketing and social media stories. Our blogs also cover best practice and tips for effective social media and email newsletters.

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3 Marketing Misconceptions


Are you missing out because of these common marketing misconceptions?

As we work with businesses and suggest ideas for their marketing strategy there are several misconceptions that are often raised with us. These are the top 3 and our usual response.


GDPR means you cannot send an email newsletter.


This is the response we ALWAYS get when we suggest an email newsletter. Yes, the business is absolutely right to be concerned about GDPR but there are ways of compiling an email list that is GDPR compliant. How you do it and if you add contacts depends on your business and who you are sending your newsletter to. You need to be really vigilant and careful if your database comprises personal email addresses.

We help businesses build GDPR compliant databases and write and send email newsletters for them. We get higher than average open rates. These also generate leads – our record is 2 within 30 minutes of the email being sent.


My Facebook competition will ask people to like and share the post


Did you know that asking people to like and share a post, or like a page, is against Facebook rules? It seems some big brands are unaware of this one too*. There is a legitimate reason why you should not ask people do this. Most people’s privacy settings are now extremely high so you will not be able to see who has shared the post.

We advised a client that this was not the way to run a Facebook competition when they suggested this. We gave them other suggestions that fitted Facebook rules and the competition was a great success. We are happy to give you more detailed guidance but generally be clear what you want to achieve and find ways to get to as big and as targetted audience as possible.


Social Media does not work for my business and Facebook only works if you pay for ads.


Yes, social media algorithms mean that not all your posts will be seen by all your connections, and Facebook is notoriously bad for this. However, do not be seduced by businesses advising you that all you need is a well-crafted Facebook ad and you do not need to post anything else. You can end up spending money you do not need to spend for very little return.

In fact, Covid 19 illustrated this point very well. Social Media enabled businesses to communicate important information about their businesses immediately. They could tell people that they were open, closed, opening again, opening hours and lots of other information that needed to be shared. Businesses with an email newsletter facility were even better placed to communicate directly with customers.

Our social media strategies are all designed to get organic reach and engagement, they do. There are occasions when ads are needed and when this is the case we create ads that are designed to get the business the best value for money.


With so many options available for your marketing is can get confusing. We can provide a marketing service that cuts through the confusion and delivers results.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements.


*Do some research before you engage with these posts. They can also be fake competitions run by scammers trying to harvest likes. We have seen big brands apparently make this mistake but closer inspection reveals them to be scams.

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Sunday, 24 January 2021

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