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Facebook: No comment - no business


I’ve been featured in a book.  Called “What the Queen said to Me” it features people who have met the Queen. I was asked to be in the book as a result of a post on my Facebook profile a little while ago and I was put in contact with the author Chilli Brenner.

So far so good and as every book needs publicity I was invited to the launch and it has been featured in both National and local media.

The local newspaper ran an article about the book mentioning local people who have contributed. I am listed as a Marketing consultant in the article; however I was invited to meet the Queen because at the time I was the Girlguiding District Commissioner. I was annoyed by the inaccuracy and wanted to make a point. I did consider a good old fashioned letter to the editor but decided that it was easier and quicker to comment on the link to the article on the paper’s Facebook page. So far there has been no response.

The local paper is not alone in not responding to posts to their page.  Many pages have posts or comments that haven’t been replied to. This is so wrong for so many reasons.

1.       The person may be interested in what you offer. Responding to their comments or posts and taking the conversation further is the way to use Facebook to gain more business.

2.       It may be an existing customer praising your service. You should definitely reply and if possible use the comments on further marketing or posts.

So far so easy - but what if the comments are not so positive.

3.       It may be an unhappy customer, and this is where it gets tricky. If the person is a genuine customer good practice is to respond. You may be able to reply publicly with a response to the criticism or a way to put things right. It may be more complicated so you may wish to respond by asking them to contact you by private message. IT may be tempting to either ignore the message or even delete it, but that will be more harmful to your business.

4.       If the post is malicious you have a choice. Either respond in a reasoned way pointing out that you don’t remember them as a customer. This is risky unless you word it properly. Or delete the comment.

5.       If the comment is spam then delete it as soon as you see it. Leaving it implies that the page is not looked after.

Checking your page regularly will make sure that you keep on top of any comments that are made. It is really easy, especially if your posts are automated or scheduled to forget to look at your page.

Ensuring your notifications are turned on will also alert you to activity by other people on your page.

If you don’t have time to check and manage your page we can do that for you. All our social media management packages include checking your page and responding or dealing with comments. If you prefer to manage your Facebook page yourself we can work with you to discuss a policy for dealing with negative comments and we’re more than happy to advise on a specific issue.

If you are in Henley-on-Thames Chilli Brenner’s book “What the Queen said to Me” is available from The Bell Bookshop or from the usual online booksellers.

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Saturday, 19 September 2020

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