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We use our blog to share easy to implement marketing advice. We also comment on topical marketing and social media stories. Our blogs also cover best practice and tips for effective social media and email newsletters.

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Keep it Simple Stupid. How Keeping your Marketing Simple Yields Results


Why we take being told our marketing and social media advice is simple as a compliment.

The lock down has been difficult for all of us, so we wanted to help others where we could. In our case this has been to offer advice about marketing during these strange times and beyond. While a lot of focus has been on social media, we have provided ideas for other marketing as well.

The response we get is “It’s simple really, isn’t it” or “It’s just common sense” some people then go on to say they didn’t mean to offend us. We aren’t. Those responses indicate to us that we have succeeded. Why?

  1. It means that the person we’ve helped has understood us.
  2. By giving someone simple easy to implement ideas, they are more likely to use them and continue to use them


Our aim for all businesses we work with is to provide simple solutions for their marketing that they are confident in using. The key to all marketing is to be consistent and someone is more likely to do that if it is made relatively easy.


Businesses that follow our advice report the following back to us.
  1. An increase in social media account followers
  2. Greater engagement on social media posts
  3. Good open rates for email newsletters

The main part of our business is working on an ongoing basis with clients. We work with every client on an individual basis, it can range from providing a social media strategy to a freelance marketing team. Working closely with a client lets us get to know them and their business better and introduce more marketing services to them.


While keeping it simple we have recently worked with clients on the following things.
  1. Suggested topics for email newsletters and blogs
  2. Produced, written and sent email newsletters
  3. Created engaging social media content and campaigns
  4. Shared the latest social media best practice, as well as news of the latest features and how best to use them.
  5. Advised the best way to use Facebook ads
  6. Updated Google My Business listings
  7. Identified opportunities for press coverage
  8. Advised businesses about staying on brand


We have recently started working with a client that has identified that working on their marketing now will help them as we come out of lock down. We would suggest that this the right way forward for many businesses.


Our marketing advice has proven results. If you want to grow your business or get it back on track as lockdown eases contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a consultation

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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

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