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Marketing Tips to Kick Start your Success in 2020


New Year is a time for resolutions and many businesses will be thinking of big changes and plans to make in the year ahead. That’s great but there are some small things you can do that can make a big difference to your success in the year ahead.


We have taken advantage of a bit of a lull to review our existing marketing and some of our take-aways may be useful for you too.


Take a real look at your website

Prompted by some work we are doing for a client we looked at the links on our website. We discovered a link to our Google+ page. Google+ shut down in April!

  • We have asked for a link to our LinkedIn Company page to replace it. If you are a regular reader of our email newsletters you will know that we recommend that some businesses, but not all, use a Company page as LinkedIn are adding new features to this feature all the time.
  • We’ve also noticed that we need to revise some of the text on our website, we’ve added that to a larger jobs that need to be done list.

Social Media Profiles

  • Have you looked at your social media profiles recently?
  • Have you used all the features that are available to you?
  • Do your Instagram and/or Twitter bios need updating?
  • Is your Facebook page as complete as it can be?

Google My Business

  • You should have a Google My Business page. If you don’t have one you should set it up, it helps SEO. Google my Business has made other directory sites redundant, the setting up of Google My Business has made Google THE directory.
  • Check the details are correct.
  • Use all the available features.
  • Aim to get some reviews if you don’t have any or only a few.


  • Does your database need a spring clean?
  • Are there contacts that need to be removed?
  • Find ways to expand your database in line with GDPR

If you don’t already send an email newsletter then setting one up and sending regularly should be your aim in 2020.

You can find more marketing tips in our blog 5 Easy Marketing Tips and Most of Them are Free.


Not sure what you need to do or how to do it? Book a 2 hour introductory marketing session with us and we will guide you through the points covered and more.

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