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Social Media's Time To Shine


As we all battle with the effects of Coronavirus, social media has been given a chance to shine.

So often it is the downside of social media that gets focussed on, but the last few days have shown it can be a force for good too.

All over the country communities are forming Facebook and Whatsapp groups to coordinate efforts to help people self-isolating with or from the virus or helping the vulnerable. It is a great way for people to communicate to a number of people at the same time.

It is also social media’s time to shine moment for businesses. Not only does it provide a quick and immediate way of communicating with customers and potential customers, but it is also a way of marketing your business for little money at a time when money is tight.

Having said that you may need to make changes to your social media strategy, especially if you are a B2C business. These are our tips for your Coronavirus Social Media Strategy.


Revise your content calendar and check your scheduled posts.


The Content Calendar you carefully crafted may need some revision. Go through it and any posts you have scheduled to

  • Remove events you are promoting that have been or are likely to be cancelled
  • Remove any posts that could be construed as insensitive at this time.

I had to quickly change a planned post for our Spanish villa on the day the lock down was announced. 

  • Be flexible and prepared to delete or reschedule posts that aren’t important
  • Add any altered contact information so people can reach you especially if you are working from home
  • Tell people about revised opening hours or closures due to sickness
  • Inform people about changes to your business. For example, a number of local Henley pubs are offering a takeaway or delivery service, others are offering discounts.


Facebook Groups


Now is the time, if you haven’t done so already, to unleash the potential of Facebook groups. Many groups are being supportive of local businesses and waiving rules about self-promotion. Groups can be a good place to amplify your Facebook posts. To get the best results from Facebook groups you should

  • Engage with other people in the group
  • Follow the group rules especially with regard to promotion
  • Prioritise the posts you share. E.g Are your revised opening hours more important than your new service
  • Help other businesses. Share their news for them
  • If you are a small local business, you have an advantage as there is a lot of support and good will expressed for you in these groups

As a result of posts on Facebook some of our local businesses have combined forces to create a “Keep calm and support local hamper” with locally produced bread, cakes and dairy products.

If you are based in Henley you can promote your business in our About Henley group. 




With many business networking groups not meeting use Linkedin to keep in touch with and make new contacts.




If you use Twitter do continue to post to it but avoid any trending hashtags to do with Coronavirus. Reading them won’t do you any good!


If you need help with your social media or your marketing, email newsletters are another free way of keeping your name out there, do contact us and arrange a meeting.

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Saturday, 23 January 2021

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