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How To Create Social Media Content Without The Stress


With Social media use increasing all the time, it is a brave business that doesn’t have a presence on at least one platform. It makes communicating with your customers easy. Any business owner given time and a bit of creativity can run a highly successful campaign for their business.

Once you have chosen the right platform or platforms for your business is it fairly straight forward to create and post good content regularly to your accounts.

Or is it?

  • You suddenly had an urgent job so you haven’t been able to post to your social media accounts for a week.
  • You have a really great idea for a series of posts that will give people a great insight into your business, but you haven’t got around to creating them.
  • You suddenly found a whole lot of photos on your phone that would look really good on Instagram and Facebook so you post them all at once on a Sunday evening.
  • You have some time but haven’t a clue what to post
  • Facebook have been prompting you to boost your latest post – so you do and discover it was a waste of money.
  • You saw a great article, it explains clearly what your business offers so you share it. Then you realise it was written by a competitor with a very clear call to action.
  • Someone has posted a bad review to your Facebook page, but you didn’t spot it for a month.

Sadly most of these examples are real, it possibly describes you.

Yes it is easy to set up and run a successful social media campaign for your business, and we have seen some really great accounts. But a social media campaign takes time, and some creativity. The nature of some businesses means they need a good deal of creativity to make them engaging.

In the early days of social media for business, many people were promoting “Manage your social media in 5 minutes a day” or similar This was always unrealistic, but as social media has become more sophisticated with a whole lot more options; of platforms, what you can do with them, diminished organic reach and ad options it is almost impossible now.

Our Marketing and social media clients have all this done for them. We produce regular engaging posts and advise them on how to spend money on ads effectively. We plan and post content. We monitor accounts to make sure responses are given where necessary and advise what to do if a problem arises.

They still need to spend some time on their social media. We ask them to send photos and respond to messages and comments, but they know that we are busy working on their social media accounts while they work on their businesses.

The most common feedback from clients is that they have a successful social media campaign without any stress for them


We offer a social media management package that will save you from all of the above pitfalls as well as using the most up to date social media features and best practice. We also offer social media management as part of our Monthly marketing package. This also includes blog writing so you can publish your own articles with a clear call to action for your business. Give us a call 01491 524002 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your marketing for 2021.

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Thursday, 15 April 2021

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